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Sam Middleton

Melodic Compositions

March 10, 2017

Sam Middleton: The Sam I am is Collage exhibit had an editorial feature in American Fine Art Magazine, March 2017 Issue #32. 

The journalist and writer John A.
Williams, observed, “His self-exile from
the United States and Harlem began over
50 years ago to avoid smashing his spirit
into the restrictive, irrational and soulnumbing
barriers of American racism.”

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For Netherlands-based Sam Middleton, Posthumous New York Exhibition is a Homecoming of Sorts

February 22, 2017 - Victoria L. Valentine

“The Sam I am is Collage,” the exhibition at GP Contemporary is advertised as the Middleton’s first U.S. solo exhibition, and therefore his first solo outing in New York. The show is mounted on two floors of the brownstone gallery. There is one work from 1962, the rest of the exhibition spans 1971 to 1999. Rife with spontaneity, clear relationships exist among the abstract watercolors and mixed-media collages on view. The artist’s life experiences are expressed in the works through references to jazz, boats, the sea, and Dutch landscapes. - Victorie L. Valentine


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The Editor's Pick - Sam Middleton: The Sam I am is Collage

January 24, 2017

"American artist Sam Middleton was greatly inspired by the jazz he was surrounded with when growing up in Harlem, and it influenced his art for the rest of his life. His first solo show —”The Sam I am is Collage” — is coming to GP Contemporary Gallery in New York next month. Working in watercolor, gouache and collage, his mixed media work offers expressive improvisations of movement and energy in color and form."

 By Tony Mottola

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Journal of the New Jersey Jazz Society - February 2017, Volume 45, Issue 2

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