Lorraine Shemesh: Inside Out - Hampton's Art Hub

June 6, 2016

"That blessed freedom from gravity, heat, cares and constraints conferred by the summer’s first dive into the aquamarine purity of a pool is celebrated by Lorraine Shemesh in the refreshing solo exhibition, “Inside Out,” at the Gerald Peters gallery on the Upper East Side."


"The balance of abstraction and figuration in the show is almost stroke for stroke, as reflection and refraction perform their distorting act with the waterline as mediating edge. Just in terms of transcribing the visual information alone, the swimmers are heady demonstrations of technical ambition.

It is enough of a challenge for even the most adept and dedicated artist at life drawing sessions to hold together the proportions and shadows in a double figure pose such as Bridge, the most compelling composition in the show. Bridge gains impact and effectiveness from the absence of all the restless deformations of disturbed water, rendering it the most secure composition in the exhibition."

-Charles A. Riley II 

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